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The Pain-Body and The Feeling Phobia (A Series on The New Earth by Eckart Tolle)


Many members of Shrink Yourself have shared that they're reading The New Earth (who isn't?). They were amazed to discover how much the ideas of The New Earth correspond to what they've read in Shrink Yourself or learned in our program. I thought I would write a series of blog posts on how the two relate to one another. If you comment on this post, I'll address things directly in future blog posts.

I thought I'd start with a discussion of the Pain-Body and how it relates to Emotional Eating since many of you are doing the online course on the New Earth and that is the subject for tonight's program.

Eckart Tolle defines the Pain-Body as "an addiction to unhappiness." It's the part of us that contains all of our past hurts not just from our own experiences but from the lives of our ancestors, our gender, and even our culture. In Shrink Yourself, we call the fear of feeling anything uncomfortable, The Feeling Phobia. This fear sends people looking for the comfort of food.

When you begin to realize how much you carry around in your Pain-Body you can begin to understand why you have a Feeling Phobia. You're not just afraid of what's happened to you in your life, you're afraid of carrying the sadness, rage and frustration of an eternity. If you've proved to yourself that eating keeps that pain at bay you can see how a dependence on food develops. You eat because you've proved to yourself that it works as a soothing balm. However, it's a balm that comes at a price. It's the price of your health and your ability to face life head on.

When you begin to realize that you have a Pain-Body but that you aren't your Pain-Body your need to run from negative feelings into the comfort of food will lessen. You'll start to see when a tidal wave of negative emotion is sweeping over you. This awareness is what we teach you how to develop in the Shrink Yourself program so that you no longer run from that wave of emotion into a pint of ice-cream but instead observe it, disconnect from it and recover your power so you can create a fulfilling life (instead of a full stomach).

Stay Tuned: The next blog on The New Earth will be about The Voice in Your Head that Tells You to Eat.

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