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The White Stuff

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are fats like cheese and creamy things what you crave most? Are you ruled by carbohydrates like bread, pastries and pasta? For many of us, the white stuff is our weak spot. If these are the foods that trip you up, keep reading.

When you have a craving there are often two components to that craving: a physiological component and a psychological component. To succeed you must tackle things from both angles. Shrink Yourself is designed to retrain your brain so that your psychological cravings go away. But what about the physiological ones? There are, in fact, certain foods that are more addictive. For years, programs like Overeaters Anonymous have asked people to eliminate white foods like sugar and wheat because those foods can create uncontrollable urges. Studies like the one conducted by Paul Shattock talk about The Opioid Excess Theory which speculates that peptides from improperly digested gluten (wheat) and casein (dairy) are mind-altering. Studies have shown that casomorphines (peptides from dairy) and gluten exorphines (peptides from wheat) have a similar effect as any other opiate. It's no wonder that you would crave them just as you would any other soothing or mind-altering drug. Therefore, if these are the foods that you crave consider approaching those cravings from two angles. While you're addressing the psychological part of them through The Shrink Yourself program, you may also want to consider the way that you're hooked physiologically to those foods.

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