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Weight Loss and Control:
The 20-Signs of
an emotional eater.

Emotional hunger
Emotional hunger starts in your mind, not your body. The list below tells you how emotional hunger is experienced. Select the ones that ring true for you and see if you fit the profile of an emotional eater.

  My hunger comes on suddenly

  I crave specific food

  My hunger feels urgent

  My hunger is often paired with an upsetting emotion

  My eating habits involve mindless or distracted eating

  I don't stop eating in response to being full

  My hunger isn't located in my belly

  After I satisfy my hunger, I am often filled with a sense of regret or guilt

  I am very hungry and I just feel compelled to satisfy my urge

  I need to eat something right away

  I need to overeat or stuff myself

  I want to taste a favorite food

  I can't think of anything else except food

  Something inside keeps pushing me towards food

  I need to treat myself

  I can't go on unless I eat soon

  I am hollow inside and need to fill myself up with food

  My body is tense or shaky and I need to eat

  Food will calm me down

  Food can protect me from what I am afraid of